PAT Testing Sheffield

PAT Testing Sheffield
ACB Electrical Company provides Portable Appliances Testing Sheffield-based services. Our team of experts are on hand, ready to offer high-quality electrical services to domestic and commercial properties all around the Sheffield area.
Many electric incidents start from over-pressured cables that keep portable appliances running. When it comes to domestic properties, we usually leave portable appliances plugged in for prolonged, and thus, dangerous amounts of time. At companies, photocopiers, phones or computers are sometimes functioning 24/7 with no surveillance.
Thorough maintenance and supervision should be carried at each 12 months for portable appliances. The Code of Practice issued by the Institute of Electrical Engineers encourages a timely examination executed by a competent electrician.
PAT Testing Available at Competitive Prices
We work with experienced electricians that have been trained in multiple electrical systems and also are kept up-to-date with the latest regulations. They are also proactive in offering high-quality services.
Our company has designed packages that include PAT Testing Services in the Sheffield area and its surroundings at affordable prices and highest standards of safety and reliability.
It’s time to schedule your PAT Testing and avoid unpleasant situations created by overloaded cables and portable appliances kept in tension for a long period of time.
We maintain and secure your PAT Connections
Trusting ACB Electrical Services in the Sheffield area with your company’s electrical system including portable appliances guarantees you a safe maintenance and long-time insurance against electrical risks.
Portable Appliances Tests should be scheduled at least twice a year. For companies or domestic properties that have a large number of portable appliances, PAT Supervision and Maintenance should be requested as soon as possible.
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Schedule a PAT Testing now and benefit from fine offers and high-quality services!